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If Your Student is Absent from School

Call: 953-8926

(OR send a note with your student)

You have two school days to clear all-day absences with a phone call to the Attendance Office.

Note: Using a cell phone to leave messages can be unreliable; too often messages are garbled.

Late to School?

Have an Appointment?

If your child is arriving late to school, or needs to leave campus during the school day for an appointment, simply send a note with the student OR call the Attendance Office (953-8926) ahead of time.
**Attendance Office needs parent/guardian permission BEFORE a student may leave campus, either by a note with the student or a phone call ahead of time.**

If you come into the Attendance Office to get your student out of class for an appointment, bring your I.D.  We need to verify who you are and your relationship to the student as indicated in our records.

Getting a student out of class is a process that may take a while.  It’s best to send a note or call early in the day; that way, your student will be pre-authorized to leave class at a certain time and can simply meet you at your car.