Wednesday, 4/11
-Club President's meeting during lunch in room 1113
-Final payment due to USA Student Travels for Disneyland

Monday, 4/16 - Friday, 4/20
Dress-up days for Spring Spirit Week
"Return of the Nice Guy"
Monday--I am Your Father (dad wear)
Tuesday--In a Galaxy Far Far Away (twins/dynamic duos)
Wednesday--Chewbaca (crazy hair/fur)
Thursday--Starry Galaxy (all white assembly)
Friday--Light Side vs Dark Side

Tuesday, 4/17
Prom eligibility and guest forms available in the Activities Office. Both due to Student Service Center by noon on May 4th
Couples $70 w/o ASB, $65 with ASB CASH ONLY!!!
Singles $40 w/o ASB, $35 with ASB CASH ONLY!!!

Thursday, 4/19
Mr. Nice Guy Assembly -- Double Third Schedule
Mr. Nice Guy Rally--6:30 p.m. in the new gym

Friday, 4/20
Powder Puff game at 6:00 p.m. in the stadium