Thursday 4/5
Club President's meeting during lunch in room 1113

Monday 4/3 - Friday 4/7
Dress up days for Spring Spirit Week - "Fate of the Furious Lincoln Edition"
Monday: Where the Race Began--90's Day
Tuesday: Ride or Die with your Squad--Dress alike
Wednesday: When I see you again--Old people
Thursday: Road Trippy--Hippies
Friday: Winner Takes All--Red or Black - Pick a team

Thursday 4/6
Mr. Nice Guy Rally--6:30 - 8:30

Friday 4/7
Powder Puff Game--6:00pm - 8:30pm
Final Payment for Disneyland due to USA Student Travel 

Monday 4/10
Prom eligibility & guest forms available in the Activities Office. Both forms are due to the Student Service Center by noon on May 5th.

Tuesday 4/11
Lincoln Latin Leadership Meeting--Mable Barron @ 6:00 pm

Thursday 4/13
Double Third Schedule-- Cap and Gown Distribution