Seniors-Class of 2018

Counselors will meet with seniors in September.  We will review transcripts and discuss graduation requirements.  We will also review the college application process and help students prepare for their post high school goals. 

Students who plan to attend a 4-year college or university:  The application period for CSU is October 1st – November 30th.  The application submission period for UC is November 1st – 30th however the UC’s open their application window early!  Students can start working on their UC applications on August 1st!  Applications to CSU and UC are completed online.  Most private colleges prefer online applications as well, and many use “Common App” or “Send Edu”.  Letters of recommendation are necessary only for private colleges and universities. Seniors should contact teachers and counselors early to request letters (by early November).  Keeping a special college calendar with deadlines highlighted is helpful.  

Students planning to attend a community college:  Registration is usually completed in late spring (April).  Seniors register at Delta online – go to

Senior Letters to Parents: Counselors will be sending home Senior Letters in October.  These letters will indicate if your child is on track for graduation.  There are very limited opportunities to make up previously failed classes.  It is critical that seniors monitor their grades on Aeries so they do not become deficient by failing first semester classes!

Note: Many colleges now request disciplinary information on college applications.  Therefore suspensions during high school will be reported if requested by colleges.