Seniors-Class of 2018

Counselors will be conducting individual “Senior Meetings” October 2nd – 23rd

We will be meeting with every senior individually during this time to share important senior information with the class of 2018.  In these meetings, we do an “academic review” where we go over their transcript and review their graduation status.  We also give them information on college applications as well as career, scholarship and financial aid information.   If seniors have 160 credits, they need 70 more to meet the 230 credit requirement for graduation, which means they should be enrolled in 7 classes.  If seniors need more than 70 credits, they are not on track for graduation.  They should meet with their counselor if they haven’t already, to discuss their options. 

     Counselors will mail “senior letters” to parents at the end of October.  These letters review graduation requirements and the status of each student.  (It is imperative that seniors pass all classes both semesters.  Failing a class may jeopardize graduation.)

     Seniors going straight to 4-year colleges should be working on their college applications.  (Check the Educational Planning Center page for more information and apply early.)  Remember to list college prep classes taken in middle school as well as those taken in high school. 

     Seniors can complete their FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) beginning October 1st.  Seniors will use their parent/guardian’s 2016 tax return to complete this information.  Lincoln will be sending all Cal Grant GPA verifications directly to the Student Aid Commission.  Students should not wait to submit their FAFSA as early submissions may improve their chances of earning aid.

            Athletes who plan to play sports in college and those interested in athletic scholarships should now be registered with the NCAA.

Recommendation letters and official transcripts- If seniors need official transcripts, they should open a Parchment account to have transcripts sent electronically.  (They will get Parchment information from their Counselor.) The can also request an official transcript from the Registrar.  Allow two school days for her to process this request.  She will prepare the official transcript so that it is ready for the student to mail. 

            Many private colleges and universities request School Reports and/or letters of recommendation from teachers or counselors. Many staff members have numerous letters to write and are not able to write recommendations just before a deadline, therefore requests must be made at least two weeks in advance.       

            Most applications and forms are submitted electronically. Please supply addressed and stamped envelopes if forms need to be mailed