Seniors-Class of 2019


     Counselors completed individual “Senior Meetings” with over 600 Seniors during first quarter.  They reviewed their graduation status and discussed college and career plans.  They also provided each senior with a booklet and/or information specific to their goals whether they were planning to pursue 4-year colleges, community colleges, trade schools, military or the workforce.  Information on financial aid and scholarships was discussed as well.  If your senior was absent for their appointment and has not had the opportunity to meet with their counselor, please have them drop in at lunch or after school.

      Counselors mailed “Senior Letters” to parents in October.  Letters reviewed graduation requirements and the status of each student.  Since there are few opportunities to make up credits, it is critical that seniors pass all classes.       

      Grades continue to be important for Seniors!  Seniors who applied to 4 year colleges and receive D or F grades at the semester, MUST report those grades to each college they applied to!  The application period for UC and CSU ended November 30th.  Students applying to private universities should be sure they apply by the deadline (usually in mid or late December).  All requests for college recommendations and reports from LHS staff need to be made at least two weeks in advance.  (LHS staff will not be able to write recommendation letters for students who make this request right before Winter Break.) 

      Seniors planning to attend a Community College will be applying in the Spring and will also take a placement test.  Go to to view links to California Community Colleges.  Go to to research the many programs that Delta College offers as well as to review study guides for the placement tests. 

      Seniors and one parent/guardian should complete a FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) which was available starting October 1st.  (Each must first create a “FSA ID” which is an electronic signature).  Go to to apply.  Seniors should complete their FAFSA as soon as possible, using parent/guardian’s 2017 tax return.  

Seniors do not have to submit their own Cal Grant GPA verification forms as the District has submitted them electronically for all seniors!