Juniors-Class of 2020


      Counselors presented to Junior classes in the Fall and will do so again next month.  Junior year is one of the most critical for college as when students apply to colleges and universities next Fall, Junior grades are the last grades earned.  Juniors who took the PSAT in October will be able to pick up their score reports in the Student Service Center in January.  PSAT results will be available in January so we will explain how to review scores and analyze strengths and weaknesses to prepare for upcoming SAT/ACT tests.  Juniors typically sign up for SAT or ACT tests in the early part of second semester to ensure these exams are completed by the end of Junior year.  Go to www.collegeboard.com for the SAT.  Go to www.act.org for the ACT.  (Students planning to apply to UC’s must request the SAT/ACT with writing.)  It is important to study before taking SAT/ACT tests.  There are many companies that offer FREE test prep such as Khan Academy www.khanacademy.org and Kaplan www.kaplanatschool.com/lincoln.