Juniors-Class of 2020


Juniors take their state assessments this month.  We recommend that they authorize the release of their “College Readiness” results by marking the “release” button.  The CSU’s and Community Colleges they designate will automatically receive their results to help determine college readiness and may eliminate the need for remedial classes.  

Juniors who plan to apply to 4-year colleges and universities must take the SAT www.collegeboard.com  or ACT www.act.org .  (UC bound students must also request to take the essay portion of the SAT or ACT.)  If your Junior has not already done so, he/she should sign up for one or both of these tests now as the last test for this school year is in June.  Free test prep is available through Kaplan www.kaptest.com or Khan Academy www.khanacademy.org.   

Juniors should go online to research colleges and universities.  A helpful site for California colleges/universities is www.californiacolleges.edu .  (This is also a great site to take a Career Assessment for students who are undecided about their career path.) Make college visits during Spring Break.  Before senior year, develop a list of prospective schools.

Athletes - Students who hope to obtain a college athletic scholarship or simply want to play sports as a freshman in college must register with the NCAA Eligibility Center by the end of Junior year.  (www.eligiblilitycenter.org )

ALL GRADE LEVELS - Passing all classes is extremely important as students have very few opportunities to make up credits.  Many teachers are available during lunch. After-school tutoring is available on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays for Math, Science and Social Science.  Math tutoring is also available daily at lunch in 1510. Several English teachers are offering assistance with writing assignments online. Pick up a tutor schedule in the Student Service Center for more information and a tutor log to earn credit for attending tutoring.

HAVE YOU HEARD ABOUT THE NEWA-G” COLLEGE READINESS AWARD?  A-G’s are the 15 College Prep courses students must pass with a “C” or better to be eligible to apply to the University of California (UC) or California State University (CSU).  Students who complete their A-G’s are considered “College Ready”! Since it is important for all students to graduate with the knowledge and skills necessary to to be successful in college should they choose this path, it is recommended that all students complete the A-G requirements.  Therefore every Senior, whether they choose to start at a 4-year college, 2-year college or trade school, as well as those who choose to serve our country in the military, who have completed the A-G requirements with a “C” or better, will receive the A-G Award! These Seniors will be given a Certificate of Achievement prior to graduation as well as a special cord to be worn over their gown at graduation to acknowledge this important accomplishment.