Freshmen- Class of 2022

Counselors had Introductory Meetings with their Freshman in October.  We discussed post-high school plans,  4 year college, 2 year college, military, trade schools and work.  We also discussed  graduation requirements as well as UC/CSU (A-G) requirements for college.  We shared Tutoring options and how they can earn 1 credit for every 15 hours of documented tutoring, up to 5 credits per year.  We recommend they check Aeries regularly.  (We suggest parents communicate with your child’s teachers to better understand where your child can improve.  If you are unable to log-on to Aeries, please call the Student Service Center.) 

      Lastly, Counselors brought their Freshman to the Student Service Center to show them where our offices are, and introduce them to resources available in the SSC such as their secretaries and AP’s. They were given their “Lincoln Class of 2022” Class Bracelet that day, so if your child was absent, please have them drop-in to see their Counselor at lunch or after school. 

     Our November “Counselor Connection” was on Bullying Prevention.  The Cyber-Bullying presentation from the District Attorney’s Office was very informative and definitely got the kid’s attention!  We look forward to our next monthly “Counselor Connection” with our Freshman as we discuss the importance of transcripts and how to read them, study skills and finals.