Freshmen- Class of 2021

Counselors had an Introductory Meeting with their group of Freshman in September.  In October, they met with them again to help them open a account.  ( is a free resource with valuable tools for both college and career exploration.)   Freshman then took a Career Assessment to determine possible career paths.  

     Usually students who do well freshman year continue to do well.  Students who have problems freshman year usually need an intervention, such as after-school tutoring.  (Tutoring is required when students have any D/F grades!)  It is important for parents to become more involved in helping their children to understand the responsibilities of doing well. There is something wrong if you notice that your child gets poor grades and never seems to have homework yet says, “I did it in school” or “I don’t have any.”  Check Aeries regularly and communicate with your child’s teachers to better understand where your child can improve.  If you are unable to log on to Aeries, please call the Student Service Center.