Freshmen- Class of 2021

Freshmen, especially, may need parental help managing high school.  

 Teens need 8 – 9 hours of sleep each night.  Sleep deprivation will negatively affect memory and processing.  

 High school students need a systematic way to keep track of assignments (use an assignment book or a special notebook or binder just for assignments).

 They should write down something for every class.  If there is no homework in a class, write “no homework” for that class in the assignment book.  

 Have a separate folder or section of a binder for each class.

 Students should get phone numbers of classmates in case there are questions about assignments.

 After-school tutoring is available if students need help, and some teachers are available in their classrooms at lunchtime.   (Tutoring schedules will be announced soon). 

 Students should schedule a specific study time (not right before bed time).

 Homework should not be completed while watching TV!

 Help your student to organize schoolwork for the next day before going to bed. 

Students should have some homework every day.  If you notice that your child does not have homework on a regular basis, start asking questions!  Consult Aeries or email your student’s teachers if you have questions about homework.  

Note: Many colleges now request disciplinary information on college applications.  Therefore suspensions during high school will be reported if requested by colleges.