Counselor's Corner

Semester Grades 

     Finals will soon be here and with that, the end of 1st semester!  Of course,  Progress Grades and Quarter Grades are very important,  however Semester Grades are THE most important!  Semester grades post to a student’s transcript, are used to calculate overall GPA (Grade Point Average) which determines Class Rank and are used to determine readiness when registering for next year’s classes.  That said, Finals are very important so study hard and finish strong!       

Registration and Course Selections for Next Year

      In January, students will start preparing for the Registration process.  When selecting classes for next year, please consider that approximately 90% of Lincoln students attend college after graduation.  (Some go straight to 4-year colleges, some begin at 2-Year Community Colleges.)  The other 10% tend to pursue options in the military, trade schools or go straight into the workforce.  To keep their options open, students are encouraged to maintain a college-prep schedule, exceed graduation requirements, and meet A-G (UC/CSU requirements) as much as possible.

Delta Dual Enrollment Classes

     Delta is offering free classes on our campus after school.  The next course will begin in January.  Though credits are not posted on their LHS transcripts, students can begin to earn transferable college credits.  Students should see their Counselor for more information.

Meet Your Counselor

Visit us on the LHS website  Go to the “Staff Directory” tab and you will find us under “Counseling”.  There you will find helpful information about our program and various resources. Visit the “Meet Your Counselor” section where you can learn more about your counselor.  Students are welcome to drop-in to see counselors at lunch or after school.  (No appointment is necessary if you don’t have class.) 

 A-BR  David Bailey 953-8933
 BU-ED Carrie Hake 953-8933
 EE-HARR Kelly Jensen 953-8932
 HARS-LE Lanish Redic 953-8932
 LEA-M Annette Knowles 953-8934
 N-RI Lisa Barbieri 953-8934
 RJ-TAL Kory Kambara 953-8935
 TAM-Z Karen Vallery 953-8935


“Counselor Connection Remind 101”.  (See below)  Parents are welcome to sign up as well!

      Seniors – LHSGRAD19 
By phone – Enter 81010 and text this message - @kk2dg7
By computerLink –

     Juniors - LHSGRAD20 
By phone – Enter 81010 and text this message - @a7697f7
By computer - Link –

     Sophomores - LHSGRAD21 
By phone – Enter 81010 and text this message - @lhsgrad21
By computer - Link -

     Freshman -  LHSGRAD22 
By phone – Enter 81010 and text this message - @lhsgrad22
By computer - Link -  

Lincoln High School Counselors, with the support of Hospice, offer Grief Support Groups to students who have experienced the loss of a loved one.  If you are concerned about how your child is dealing with the loss of someone, or would like to have him/her participate in a Grief Support Group, email or call their counselor and their name will be added to the list for the next group.