Counselor's Corner

Registration for the 2018-2019 School Year -

Students will receive registration materials in February during Home Room. Students and parents are encouraged to review students’ transcripts carefully including the box in the lower right that summarizes graduation requirements.  Course selections should be based on graduation requirements, previously completed courses, current grades/courses, career/college plans, and interests.  Check the Course Catalog to be sure your student meets course prerequisites.  Each student will have a registration appointment where they will come to the Student Service Center with their English class during the months of March or April.  Counselors will meet with each student to do an “Academic Review” of their grades and progress toward graduation, to review their course selections and to answer any questions they might have.  Because of the size of the student body, counselors will not be able to set up pre-registration appointments; however students with quick questions can drop in at lunch or after school to see their counselor.  If parents have questions about courses, please email or call your child’s counselor, and they will be glad to answer your questions. 

Current Sophomores and Juniors should consider taking one of Lincoln’s many CTE (Career Technical Education) classes.  Many CTE classes are two periods and provide important job skills.  Students can get information about the various CTE courses offered in the Course Catalog.  If choosing an CTE class, as with all electives, students must select a first and second choice. 

Students should also consider taking Advanced Placement (AP) courses.  There are many benefits to taking AP’s.  Colleges look favorably upon students who take rigorous courses and it is an excellent way to prepare for college.  Since AP courses are weighted, they can improve a student’s GPA and because AP’s are college level courses, students can earn both high school and college credits.  (See the Course Catalog for additional requirements.)

For students planning to apply to 4-year colleges and universities, review the “A-G requirements” and the UC/CSU approved courses in the Course Catalog.   University bound students should choose challenging courses that demonstrate a high level of academic preparation.  Students planning to enroll at a community college should continue to take advanced coursework since this will better prepare them for the many certificate, transfer, and degree programs at the community college level.  The more students accomplish in high school, the better prepared they will be to take on the coursework after high school.  For this reason, it is recommended that students take Math all 4 years of high school.

Attention parents of athletes!

If your student hopes to get an athletic scholarship for college, he/she must qualify through the NCAA Eligibility Center.  Students must take a sequence of 16 college preparatory classes and meet GPA/SAT score requirements.  Go to the NCAA website for more information Students should fill out the online form by second semester junior year.  Students and parents are responsible to apply to the clearinghouse and to be aware of the requirements. 

Need help with college/career planning?  Try these tools…  – a website that helps students explore career possibilities and college majors. - “My College Quick Start” is a college/career service of the College Board available to students who took the PSAT. - An online career service. - A career pathways tool put out by the state.

University Summer Programs for High School Students –

Most major universities offer exciting programs for high school students.  Some of these are one week long and others are 4 - 6 weeks.  In most cases, students live in dorms on campus.  Programs usually focus on a specific area such as science, law, music, writing, acting, speech/debate, leadership, politics, etc.  Start searching for these programs now.  (“Google” Summer Programs for High School Students. ) The application period typically starts in February or March.

Meet Your Counselor

Please see the Counselor breakdown below.  Visit us on the LHS website  Go to the “Staff Directory” tab and you will find us under “Counseling”.  There you will find a lot of helpful information about our program and various resources. Visit the “Meet Your Counselor” section where you can learn more about your counselor.  Also remember that students are welcome to drop in to see us at lunch or after school.  (No appointment is necessary if you don’t have class.)  

 A-BR  David Bailey 953-8933
 BU-ED Carrie Hake 953-8933
 EE-HARR Kelly Jensen 953-8932
 HARS-LE Lanish Redic 953-8932
 LEA-M Annette Knowles 953-8934
 N-RI Lisa Barbieri 953-8934
 RJ-TAL Teresa Garcia 953-8935
 TAM-Z Karen Vallery 953-8935
 Academic Success Center  Kory Kambara 953-8989

Lincoln High School Counselors, with the support of Hospice, offer Grief Support Groups to students who have experienced the loss of a loved one.  If you are concerned about how your child is dealing with the loss of someone, or would like to have him/her participate in a Grief Support Group, email or call their counselor and their name will be added to the list for the next group.