Counselor's Corner

Schedule Change Policy

Students are expected to stay in the courses they requested.  Since the Master Schedule is determined by student’s choices, schedule changes are rarely approved.  However, if your student is misplaced (in the wrong class, or a class in which he/she does not qualify), your student may go to Student Services and request a Schedule Adjustment Form during the 1st 5 days of school.  Students must see their counselor at lunch or after school with this form signed by a parent to discuss the change.  There is no guarantee a schedule change request will be granted, and students must attend their current classes unless given a change of schedule.  

Meet Your Counselor

Please see the Counselor breakdown below.  Visit us on the LHS website  Go to the “Staff Directory” tab and you will find us under “Counseling”.  There you will find a lot of helpful information about our program and various resources. Visit the “Meet Your Counselor” section where you can learn more about your counselor.  Also remember that students are welcome to drop in to see us at lunch or after school.  (No appointment is necessary if you don’t have class.)  

Counselor info

Lincoln High School Counselors, with the support of Hospice, offer Grief Support Groups to students who have experienced the loss of a loved one.  If you are concerned about how your child is dealing with the loss of someone, or would like to have him/her participate in a Grief Support Group, email or call their counselor and their name will be added to the list for the next group.