School Site Council
Lincoln High School

School Site Council


School Site Council (SSC) is a group of elected representatives charged with the responsibility of adopting our school’s annual goals, reviewing, assessing and revising the School Plan designed to achieve those goals, recommending the School Plan to the LUSD Board of Trustees, allocating the School Improvement Program (SIP) dollars to support the implementation of the School Plan, and taking any other action required by the California Education Code.

SSC is comprised of 20 members, 10 who represent parents and students (clients), and ten who represent the school staff (providers).   Five parents and five students make up the client membership; six classroom teachers, three persons representing other personnel (paraprofessionals, counselors, clerical, custodial, library or security staff), and one administrator make up the provider membership.  Each group elects their own representatives who serve a two-year term

Student representatives are elected after an interview process. 

School Year 2016-17 Meeting Dates
All meetings are open to the public.

*  September 12th
*  October 3rd
*  November 7th
*  December 5th
*  January 9th
*  February 6th
*  March 6th
*  April 3rd
*  May 1st