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2017-18 Educational Planning Center Newsletter/Events Calendar
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Work Permits:  Work permits issued last school year will expire September 6, 2017.  Please stop by the EPC to renew your work permit.  Requirements:  2.0 GPA or above, No "F's" and 7 or less unexcused absences.

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College Scholarship - Ultimate Guide for 2017
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2016-17 Scholarships

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The following colleges will be visiting Lincoln High School:
Monday, August 31st -  
2nd period (8:20 am – 9:05 am)
Santa Clara University (Location – MultiLingual Center)
St Mary's College (Location – Ed Planning Center – Rm 1418)
Tues. September 1st4th
Azuza Pacific University (Location – MultiLingual Center)
Biola University - (Location – MultiLingual Center)
Colorado Meza University (Location – Ed Planning Center – Rm 1418)
*See Mrs. Hernandez at the Ed Planning Center (Room 1418) for a permission slip.  Hours are lunch and from 1-4 pm.