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2017-18 Educational Planning Center Newsletter/Events Calendar
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Seniors!  CSU Stanislaus has extended their college application deadline.  Any students interested in submitting an application to Stanislaus State will be able to do so starting tomorrow, December 2nd, 2017 until December 15th, 2017.

Extensions are granted through the Chancellor’s Office so if students inquire about extension opportunities at other CSUs they will need to check with the individual campus of interest. 

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College Scholarship - Ultimate Guide for 2017
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2016-17 Scholarships

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The following colleges will be visiting Lincoln High School:
Monday, August 31st -  
2nd period (8:20 am – 9:05 am)
Santa Clara University (Location – MultiLingual Center)
St Mary's College (Location – Ed Planning Center – Rm 1418)
Tues. September 1st4th
Azuza Pacific University (Location – MultiLingual Center)
Biola University - (Location – MultiLingual Center)
Colorado Meza University (Location – Ed Planning Center – Rm 1418)
*See Mrs. Hernandez at the Ed Planning Center (Room 1418) for a permission slip.  Hours are lunch and from 1-4 pm.