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2018-2019 Educational Planning Center Newsletter/Events Calendar
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College Scholarship - Ultimate Guide for 2017

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2018-19 Scholarships

Asian Culture Club
2019 Asian Pacific Fund

2019 AU Scholarship
2019 LHS Band Award of Excellence
2019 CA Retired Teacher
Cowell Education Scholarship
David D. Cheng Memorial Lacrosse Scholarship
Financial Credit Union
2019 Hall Family Band Scholarship
2019 Herbert and Beverly Markowitz
2019 Janet & Richard Ghio Teacher Scholarship
Judith E. Gong ART Scholarship
Kari Brenneise Memorial Scholarship
Kem S. Gong Culinary Arts Scholarship
Lambda Theta Phi
Leo's Club Scholarship
LHS Athletic Booster Scholarship
Lieutenant Colonel, Mark D. Taylor, M.D. Memorial Scholarship
2019 N. Cherry Blossoms

North Stockton Rotary Club
2019 Portuguese Historical and Cultural Society
2019 Stanly and Baker Loan Application
F T Smith Music Scholarship
First Unitarian Universalist Church of Stockton
LA Rue Vocational & Technical Scholarship
Legionarios Del Trabajo in America
Lincoln Latin Leadership Scholarship
Rotary Community Service Scholarship Application
S Drake Interact Scholarship
Scholarship Buddy
Stockton Crime Stopper
Stockton JACL Scholarship
SUSD Scholarship --> SUSD Scholarship Catalog
The 25 Rotarian Community Service Scholarship Fund
The Bob and Mike Long Memorial Scholarship
The Janet & Richard Ghio Teacher Scholarship
Tod A. Anton Scholarship

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The following colleges will be visiting Lincoln High School:
Monday, August 31st -  
2nd period (8:20 am – 9:05 am)
Santa Clara University (Location – MultiLingual Center)
St Mary's College (Location – Ed Planning Center – Rm 1418)
Tues. September 1st4th
Azuza Pacific University (Location – MultiLingual Center)
Biola University - (Location – MultiLingual Center)
Colorado Meza University (Location – Ed Planning Center – Rm 1418)
*See Mrs. Hernandez at the Ed Planning Center (Room 1418) for a permission slip.  Hours are lunch and from 1-4 pm.