Visitors and Parking on Campus

Visitors and Parking on Campus

Student parking (with an LHS Student Parking Permit) is available in the front parking lot at the corner of Alexandria and Lincoln Road and in the lot that backs up to Sture Larsson High School on Harrisburg Road.  Once school starts, students must bring the following to the Student Service Center to obtain a permit:

His/her valid Driver’s License,

A completed “Student Vehicle Registration Form” (This form must be signed by a parent/guardian),

His/her LHS ID card,

Proof of valid vehicle registration, AND

Proof of insurance.

Forms for Student Parking Permits will be available at Orientation and can also be obtained in the Student Service Center. 

At no time may students park in spaces marked Visitor or Staff.  Please be advised:  parking citations will be issued to vehicles without permits and/or parked in the wrong space.

Remember, the student is solely responsible for control of the vehicle and its contents, whether the vehicle and/or the contents belong to the student or is borrowed.

There are "Visitor" parking spaces in the parking lot at the corner of Alexandria Place and Lincoln Road, near the front of the school. Please note:   all vehicles parked in non-visitor spaces as well as those in visitor spaces longer than the posted time, will be ticketed.  If you are on campus for an extended period of time, or unable to find Visitor parking, please ask for a temporary permit in the Administration Office.

All visitors to Lincoln High School must stop by the Administration Office to sign in and receive a Visitor's Pass to be on campus.  Former students are not allowed to visit teachers without prior authorization from the teacher.