Español 3 Honores

Español 3 Honores

Course Overview: 
In this course we will explore conversational and written Spanish at the intermediate to advanced level.  We will expand our knowledge of Spanish vocabulary and acquire the ability to use it in meaningful communication.  Acquiring this ability requires careful study and the use of Spanish in oral and written communication.  This process will include comparisons to English grammar and pronunciation to help develop a greater understanding of language in general. Knowing that language and culture are intimately related, we will explore the history, art, music, and other cultural aspects of Spanish-speaking regions, with a focus on Spain. Grammatical tenses and concepts include: past, future, conditional, reflexive, subjunctive, direct and indirect object pronouns, and commands.  Situational vocabulary sets include:  animals, travel, hobbies, media, descriptions, opinions, clothing, industries, culture and geography.  Honors students will watch and respond to Spanish soap operas for students of Spanish and will also be required to complete a research paper on a region of Spain. The Honors Spanish 3 course moves at a faster pace as additional assignments and activities are completed while covering the same standards addressed in the regular Spanish 3 courses. Students are expected to perform at a higher level and will display their ability in more challenging and comprehensive assessments. 

Grades will be determined using a point system and percentages.  The percentage of points earned will determine grades according to the following scale:

A= 100%-90%
B= 89%-80%
C= 79%-70%
D= 69%-60%
F= 59%-

                                    *Note:grades are NEVER rounded up!!

The final grade will be composed of the following 4 elements and will be weighted as shown:

  1. Homework:  10%
  2. Participation : 10%  (in-class assignments and oral participation)
  3. Presentations/Projects:  20%
  4. Tests/Quizzes:  60%

Semester grades are calculated by an ongoing accumulation of points from both quarters.