Transportation Release Forms for Sports
Student Release from Transportation Forms
Lincoln Unified School District
Student Release from District Transportation

There are two (2) Student Release from District Transportation forms:  One Way Only and Round Trip.  The purpose of these forms is to enable students to ride with a parent/guardian to (and/or from) a school event rather than take the transportation provided by Lincoln Unified School District.  The process and forms also serve as a way to track students traveling to/from a school-sponsored event and insures we only release a student to his/her parent/guardian.

Here is the procedure to be initiated 48 hours prior to the event
  1. Student obtains a Release Form from the coach, supervising teacher or Administration Office, or by printing the appropriate form using one of the links below.
  2. Parent/Guardian completes and signs the appropriate form.
  3. Student gives the Release Form to the coach/teacher 48 hours before the event.
  4. The coach/teacher keeps the signed request.
  5. Following the event, the parent/guardian goes with the student to the coach/teacher.
  6. The coach/teacher has the parent/guardian sign the form again to release the student.  Please understand we may ask for ID from the parent/guardian.
  7. Coach/teacher also signs the Release Form.
  8. Coach/teacher keeps the form.

 Student Release from District Transportation